Here at MMP Compassion Centers, we give you an informative and individualized experience with your alternative medication.  We carry a variety of cannabis strains as well as medibles, concentrates, clones, hash, and glassware. We offer top quality medicine, but try to offer some premiums at a lesser donation at all times. Check our menu. We can also assist you in answering your questions about registration, medications, growing your plants, and more.

Not only are we a medical marijuana compassion club (similar to a dispensary), our profits are used to fund the fight for the legalization of marijuana, through the Michigan Marijuana Chamber of Commerce and the Medical Marijuana Political Association. Our secondary mission is to educate people of the positive impacts of marijuana, to remove stigmatisms about being 'bad' (only bad people smoke/grow it ), and prove that marijuana can be 'safe' for communities if distributed through dispensaries regulated by the state - much safer than buying 'on the street'. This is a new industry being created and should be treated seriously as it advances. In this manner we can show that marijuana can be used and distributed responsibly, thus furthering the legalization movement.

  • Legal marijuana sold through dispensaries creates a new revenue stream for our government, and makes distribution safe.
  • We need to help free the thousands of people who are currently in jail cells unjustly for their responsible use of cannabis.
  • Marijuana should be removed from Schedule 1 drug classification. It is nothing like the drugs in that classification, and until it is reclassified medical research and testing cannot be done as well as having stiffer federal penalties for possession and use until legalization.
  • There are many more medical uses for marijuana that need to be researched, including preventing some cancers. This plant has the ability to relieve the ailments of so many diseases as well- Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma, Crohn's disease, Arthritis, Diabetes; all of these are treatable with the THC found in marijuana.


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